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1E Morning Talk

J+Z: Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. We are students from 1E.

Z: I am Zoe.

J: I am Janelle.

Z: Hey Janelle, how did you celebrate Mother’s Day with your family members?

J: Well, I celebrated the day as you did. Don’t you remember?

Z: What do you mean?

J: We came across at the beach! Silly you!

Z: A-ha! Sorry! I’m always forgetful. I sometimes even can’t remember what I did yesterday! Anyway, did you buy anything for your dear mum?

J: Of course… not! But I treated my mum a feast. And you?

Z: We went for our favourite one, hot-pot!

J: Great. By the way, Father’s Day is round the corner!

Z: Yeah, I know, but I haven’t got any idea what I should give him. Any suggestions from you?

J: Well, maybe… a Rolex?

Z: No…

J: Um… an iPhone X?

Z: No…

J: How about a tie?

Z: Definitely not!

J: In that case… what is your father’s favourite?

Z: Haha! I know what to give him now!

J: What is it?

Z: I am my father’s favourite! I will give him a BIG HUG!!!

J: Oh! How sweet you are!

Z: YY2 schoolmates, remember hug your parents every day…

J: …not just on Mother’s Day or Father’s day.

J+Z: Hope all of you have a happy Father’s Day. Thank you.

6C Morning Talk

R&K: Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. We are students from 6C.

R: I’m Raymond.

K: I’m Kenny. Today we would like to talk about the latest development of Fu Shin Estate. Raymond, did you notice that many restaurants in Fu Shin Mall disappear?

R: That’s true. Last year, there were a Chinese restaurant and a fast food shop called Fairwood. But now, they are no longer in the mall.

K: Right. I’ve heard that the area will be occupied by a supermarket and other grocery stores in the near future.

R: I can also see some new stalls like Watson’s and a bakery on the ground floor. There are also some new escalators.

K: I believe more changes will be coming soon. You know, Raymond, many students and even teachers are dissatisfied about the reconstruction progress of the mall.

R: Of course! We don’t have many choices for lunch, only a Cha Chan Teng and a Japanese restaurant are left.

K: This phenomenon lasts for almost a year. Students like us love fast food so much, but there is no other choices except the McDonald’s right now.

R: Besides that, the remaining restaurants in the mall are crowded with students during lunch time. It is really difficult for us to get food for lunch. That’s why many students are complaining about the reconstruction progress of the mall.

K: However, to improve the facilities around the estate, the development has to take place. We have to be patient. I believe the Fu Shin Mall will be a nice and modern place for students, teachers and all residents in the Estate when the construction is completed.

R: I just hope that it can be completed overnight. My dear schoolmates, do you share the same feeling as mine?

R&K: That’s the end of our sharing, thank you!

Presenters: Raymond, Leung Yuen Fat (13) & Kenny, Tam Chun Yin (15)

6B Morning Talk


K+V: Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. We are students from 6B.

K: I’m Kelvin.

V: I’m Vincent.

K: Hey, Vincent, have you watch the video clip uploaded by a group of students from a secondary school in Tuen Mun recently?

V: Which one do you mean? The one about the promotion of the nominated cabinet of student union?

K: Exactly. I’m really impressed that the committee members tried to rap aloud all the details listed in their platform and explain the duties of the committee members in a 3-minute video.

V: I feel the same way. The committee was called ‘Pixel’. There are 17 members in their team. I think that they are all very creative and their promotion video really caught my attention.

K: Indeed, there was a record of 435,000 views only two days after the video clip was uploaded. Netizens started commenting on the clip and follow committee’s promotion closely.

V: I heard that some netizens believed that this committee would definitely win the trust from their schoolmates.

K: Some are so exaggerated that they even want to send their children to study in that school because of the success of this video clip.

V: It’s really interesting. But I do think that only being creative is not enough for a nominated cabinet to win an election.

K: Of course! To me, I would choose a group who students who are responsible, well-behaved and caring to be the students’ representatives.

V: That’s true. Students’ manners are important. Besides, the content of the committee’s platform is also important. They should make their plan feasible.

K: I agree with you. The results of our Student Union election will be announced soon. Hope that the committee elected would help unite the whole school and be a role model for us.

V+K: Thank you.

Sports Day

Speakers: Lee Hiu To & Wu Hoi Ching

Gigi & Toto: Good morning, Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. We’re students from 6A.

Toto: Hi, Gigi. Time flies and our annual Sports Days are over. Did you enjoy the two days this year?

Gigi: Definitely. Although I did not take part in any of the sporting events, I still enjoyed my role as a spectator. I also helped my House out with the cheerleading work. It was great fun!

Toto: Neither did I join any sporting events. However, I really enjoyed cheering for the House members on the spectator stand. We had practiced many times before the sports days and I felt that most of the house members were very engaged too!

Gigi: Also, I very much enjoyed doing the dancing performance! It was so memorable. It also showed how united each house was. I really miss it!

Toto: Me too. Maybe this is the last year we took part in the Sports Days, I particularly enjoyed every part of it.

Gigi: I share the same feeling. By the way, Toto. What kinds of events did you like the most?

Toto: You know, I like jumping a lot, so I enjoyed the field events such as high jump and long jump a lot. Some athletes jumped very high and far.

Gigi: For me, I like the track events very much, especially the 100-meter races. Some schoolmates ran as fast as a leopard. They were great fun to watch! As for the 1500- meter races, I really admire the stamina the schoolmates had. Our classmate Wing

Lam won a gold medal in one of the 1500-meter races, do you know that?

Toto: Of course I do, she was great! Besides the students, many of our teachers could run really fast, just like our new PE teacher, Mr. Chan!

Gigi: You are right, Toto. Ah, I remember that it was sometimes shiny and sometimes rainy

on those two days, but the weather did not affect the mood of everyone of us. But it would be perfect if we could come back to the Tai Po Sportsground next year, it is much nearer to most of us and the place is larger and better-equipped.

Toto: I agree. Anyway, Tak House is the big winner on the Sports Days this year, other houses have to catch up in other coming events!

Gigi: The sports days marked a good beginning of this academic year, I hope all of us can do better and better in all other aspects as well!

Toto: Gigi, just like us, let’s work hard on our DSE exam preparation and get a good result!!

Gigi: As the TV commercial goes, let’s work hard and play hard!

Toto & Gigi: Thank you!! (400 words)

6E Morning Talk

All: Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates.

I'm A and I'm B. We're going to talk about our favourite way to express our feelings in this digital world.

(Show the smiley and sobbing images to the audience)

A:B, do you know these images? How do we call them?

B:Are they emojis?

A:Ah yes. Actually, you can also call them emoticons. And do you know the difference between emojis and emoticons?

B:Of course. I've got much savvy on this.

Emoticons came first. They're the images made using normal keys on a keyboard – like punctuation, letters and numbers. For example, a colon – two dots - followed by the curved line of a close brackets is a smiley face. It is something we use in our emails.

A:Well, thanks! Whereas an emoji is something completely different. It's an actual image. It could be a simple, yellow, smiley face; or something like a dancing lady; or even a bowl of noodles…

B:Ah yes. They are the little images we have in our phones. But you'll have to convince me – why do people use them so much?

A:Because they help us to express emotion and empathy in digital communication more effectively. Imagine I sent you a text saying I hit my finger with a hammer – how would you respond?

B:Well, it depends. Did you hurt yourself badly?

A:If I followed it with a sad face emoji, then…?

B:Then I guess I'd know you hurt yourself. Poor you.

A:But if I followed it with a laughing emoji – the one with the tears coming out because I'm laughing so much?

B:Then I'd probably reply saying how stupid and clumsy you are!

A:Exactly – without adding the emoji – it's hard to know my emotional state. The emoji is like my facial expression.

B:Yes, thank you for your information.

A:Let's finish our talk by asking our fellow schoolmates a question about emojis and emoticons. OK?


A:The question is “When was the first emoticon used? Was it a) 1606 b)1862 c)1982 ?”

B:Let me repeat the question. “When was the first emoticon used? Was it a) 1606 b)1862 c)1982 ?”

A:If you know the answer, go to Staffroom A and tell Miss Lo. You may get a prize from her.

All:That's the end of our morning talk. Thank you for your listening!

Depression Speakers: Huang Yiheng & Pat Ho Hin

Peter & Alvin: Good morning, Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. We’re students from 6S.

Peter: I’m Peter.

Alvin: I’m Alvin.

Peter: Hey, Alvin. We are going to take the DSE soon. I feel quite stressed and I cannot sleep well for nights. I might suffer from depressed.

Alvin: Relax! Depression is a mental health disorder. It is a mood disorder characterized by persistently low mood.

Peter: I think I have some symptoms of depression. I am always in a bad mood and I have lost interest and pleasure in activities that I previously enjoyed. I feel nervous and I do not want to eat at all.

Alvin: Don’t feel so bad. You should take part in an enjoyable activity like playing a game of basketball or social gathering, hang out with friends, trying to prevent from staying alone for a long period of time.

Peter: Oh, great! It seems that these methods can help me get rid of stress. Besides, I think I can listen to music when I am doing revision. I’ve tried it before and it works!

Alvin: Also, if you have any difficulties or feel really stressed, you can go to see the school social worker or a person you trust, like our teachers, your best friends, or your family members!

Peter: Yes I know if I do not relieve my stress, it will have a big negative impact on my life. For example, my school performance will become worse; I won’t trust others anymore. Worst of all, I may have an idea of committing suicide, which is undesirable at all. I think I should take good care of both my physical and mental health.

Alvin: I am glad that you do realise the consequences of ignoring our stress. I hope I can help you cope with stress with my suggestions.

Peter: Oh, sure. Thank you so much, Alvin.

Peter & Alvin: This is the end of our sharing. Thank you.



Wong Yan Lok, Cherry (3E)

Yeung Chun Hin, Stephen (3E)

C+S: Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. We are representatives of 3E. I’m Cherry and I’m Stephen.

C: Stephen, I feel worried because of some English letters and numbers.

S: Which letters and numbers are you talking about? Let me guess. Do you mean the English letters, H, N and the numbers, 7, 9?

C: Bingo. H7N9. H7N9 is a kind of bird flu virus. There is a link between the human flu and birds. The latest development of the disease in the mainland worries me a lot. The mortality of H7N9 is very high. Although there is no evidence to show human-to-human transmission, the mutation potential of the virus is high.

S: Yes, the latest cases in Shanghai brought the total number of confirmed H7N9 cases across the nation to 63 and fourteen patients have died.

C: Hong Kong government said it could not rule out the possibility of an outbreak in the city.

S: As such, we should not treat the disease lightly.

C: Right, Yangtze river delta stepped up efforts to contain the virus as it was found in some live poultry. Nanjing, the Jiangsu capital, closed all whole-sale markets. All remaining live poultry was culled in Shanghai after 20,000 birds were killed. Hangzhou closed a farmers’ market after the virus was detected in live quails.

S: Here in Hong Kong, the precautions were in place to cope with an outbreak. Secretary for Food and Health, Dr Ko Wing Man said the Hospital Authority could handle a reasonably large-scale outbreak and 1,400 isolation beds were available.

C: As the public, we should play our part to fight against the disease.

S: What can we do?

C: We can do the following things:

1. Avoid direct contact with poultry and birds or their droppings; if contacts have been made, we should wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.

2. Poultry and eggs should be thoroughly cooked before eating.

3. Wash hands frequently.

4. Cover nose and mouth while sneezing or coughing, hold the spit with tissue and put it into covered dustbins,

5. Avoid crowded places and contact with sick people with fever,

6. Wear a mask when we have respiratory symptoms or need to take care of patients with fever.

7. When we have fever and influenza-like illnesses during a trip or when coming back to Hong Kong, we should consult doctors promptly and reveal our travel history.

C + S: Hope that we can stay healthy and keep away from the disease.


Claudia (1E)

Michael (1E)

Peter (1E)

Claudia: Good morning, Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. We are students from Class 1E. Hey, Peter, do you know why we are here today?

Peter: Of course, I do. We are going to introduce our drama programme – Beowulf. And I am acting the role of King Higelac, and you, Claudia, are my son - Beowulf. Michael, why don’t you introduce your role and talk about the plot?

Michael: I am acting the role of King Hrothgar and let me tell you what the plot is about. Beowulf is the hero of the Geats and he comes to the aid of Hrothgar, the king of the Danes, whose great hall is attacked by the monster Grendel. Beowulf kills Grendel and Grendel's mother later.

Claudia: Michael, it’s just the first part of the story. Beowulf becomes the king of the Geats, and at after some time. Unluckily, he is troubled by the dragon. He kills the dragon at last but he also dies. It is an interesting story, isn’t it?

Peter: It is absolutely an interesting story. Besides learning the plot, we also learn a lot of things in this drama course. For example, I learn to work with my classmates and teamwork is very important when producing a drama.

Michael: Yes, and I learn to be active and I know ‘practice makes perfect’.

Claudia: I agree with you two. Through joining this drama programme, I learn how to speak my lines fluently and I improve my speaking skills. I am really looking forward to our performance in July. And that’s the end of our sharing today, thank you.
Family Problems


Lau Ka Yu, Kyle (2A)

Wong Kai Shuen, Jessie (2A)

Wong Kai Wing, Jerrie (2A)

Kyle: Jerrie, you look quite lonely after school. Do you have any problems with your family?

Jerrie: Yes. My parents always go to work. I think they are workaholic. They don’t have time to talk with me. I really want to have someone to listen to me.

Jessie: I see. Poor you. As your friend, I think I can give you some suggestions.

Kyle: Jessie! Do you have any ideas in helping Jerrie?

Jessie: Sure. Jerrie, you need to find some chances to talk with your parents and tell them your feeling.

Kyle: Right. You can also tell them the problems you face at school and what you want them to help you.

Jerrie: Thanks. I know that communication is important in solving family problems. A lot of family problems are caused by lack of communication between parents and children.

Jessie: Certainly. Communication can maintain the relationship between family members.

Kyle: Wait a minute. Now Jerrie’s problem with her parents is she can’t talk with them face to face very often. What can she do?

Jessie: Simple! Jerrie, you can call them every day after school to tell them you have gone home already. This can make them feel comfortable. Also, you can show that you are a responsible child.

Kyle: Moreover, you can also drop them a line on a paper and put it on the table so they can see it.

Jerrie: Both of you have given me some good ideas! Thanks, my friends!

Jessie: Dear YY2 schoolmates, remember to talk with your parents more often. Thank you!



Jade (2E)

Anna (2E)

J + A: Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates.

J: I’m Jade from 2E.

A: I’m Anna from 2E.

J: The First Term Examination of this year was over. Did you get good results? Nowadays, many teenagers love to surf the Internet. They just stay at home and play computer games after school and during holidays. We can see some news on newspapers and television saying that some parents advised their children to stop playing computer games and have arguments with their children. The problem is getting more serious in Hong Kong. Playing computer games for long hours is harmful to all of you. It’s not good for your eyes and health. Playing computer games and surfing the Internet are not good hobbies for teenagers. You may read books and play ball games at spare time.

A: The second term uniform test week is coming. Are you ready? Do you still spend long hours playing computer games and surfing the Internet every day? You should care more about your study. Make a timetable for revision. Start the revision earlier if you want to get good results. You have to be more hard-working. If you have any problems about study, ask your teachers for advice. Remember, if you pay effort, you will succeed. If you study hard now, you will have a good future! Hope you can have good results in the uniform tests.

A+J: Thank you for your kind attention.
My favourite cartoon character


Chui Lai Ting, Ivy (4E)

Chow Yuen Kam, Kitty (4E)

Ivy & Kitty: Good morning, Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates.

Ivy: I am Ivy from Class 4E.

Kitty: And I am Kitty from Class 4E.

Ivy: Hey Kitty, I have been wondering why you are called Kitty since I first met you.

Kitty: Oh, that’s simple! It is just because I love ‘hello kitty’ very much.

Ivy: Is that true? I am obsessed with all kinds of ‘hello kitty’ products as well. My pencil cases, my stationeries, my key chains all have ‘hello kitty’ logo. Even some of my clothes have ‘hello kitty’ logo too!

Kitty: Well, I have already got what you have just mentioned but those products are quite normal and common. And have you thought of having a bed of your favourite cartoon character? You know, I have got a ‘hello kitty’ bed for myself.

Ivy: How crazy it is! I am sure you know lots about ‘hello kitty’, don’t you?

Kitty: Yes, that’s quite true. Let me tell you something about her. ‘Hello kitty’ is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, first designed by Yuko Shimizu. She is portrayed as a female white Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow. The character is a staple of the kawaii segment of Japanese popular culture. At age 36 as of 2010, Sanrio has groomed Hello Kitty into a global marketing phenomenon worth $5 billion a year. So almost everyone has got at least one ‘hello kitty’ product in hand. If you are interested in ‘hello kitty’, you are most welcome to chat with us.

Ivy & Kitty: We hope all of you love ‘hello kitty’. That’s all of our sharing today, thank you.
Write a letter to Santa Claus


Chan Lok Yee, Renee (4D)

Lai Wing Suet, Candy (4D)

C+R: Good morning principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. We are students from 4D.

C: I’m Candy.

R: I’m Renee.

C: Hey Renee! What’s your plan in the coming Christmas?

R: No, I’ve never thought about it.

C: So, you wanna have a lonely Christmas?

R: Of course not!

C: I’m trying to send a Christmas card to Santa Claus! Do you want to join me?

R: Oww… don’t be so childish! Write a letter To Santa Claus? Why do you do this?

C: While many children write to Santa Claus in order to share their wish list for holiday gifts, writing to Santa has many other purposes as well.

R: Yeah! I want some gifts, and I can learn the formats of writing letters in English.

C: Sure, and you can practice penmanship, spelling, grammar and other skills through Santa letter writing!

R: No matter why children write letters to Santa, it is important to have the Christmas gift!

C: Yes, but do you know how to send a letter to Santa Claus?

R: No……

C: Even young children realize that a letter needs a proper address in order to be mailed effectively.

R: Yeah, address options vary from different countries…

C: So, we should check with local post to see if there is a preferred address for letters that will actually be mailed.

R: But where does Santa Claus live?

C: He has a lot of homes! There’re many countries you can choose from! Such as Finland, USA, UK, France, Germany and Norway .

R: Cool! But how should I send the letter to a foreign country?

C: Well, that’s easy. The cost of a Santa letter typically ranges from $3 depending on the company and the service they offer.

R: Oh! It isn’t expensive at all.

C: Definitely. First you buy a stamp which is for air mail. Next make sure you have written your address on the letter so that Santa Claus can give you a reply. Finally, put it into the mail box!

R: That was a piece of cake!

C: yep, I asked Santa Claus for 3 wishes in the letter, I would like a new computer, a school bag and a puppy!

R: Oh you’re crazy! How can he send you these things?

C: Haha. I don’t know. Anyway, let’s give it a try!

C+R: Thank you!


Yau Tin Yee, Nicole (4C)

Wu Yuen Man, Phoebe (4C)

N+ P: Good morning, principal, teachers and our schoolmates

N: I am Nicole Yau from F4C.

P: I am Phoebe Wu from F4C.

N: We are going to have our first exam after Christmas Holiday. Do you feel stressful?

P: Yes, I even feel nervous now when I think about it.

N: Actually, you can handle stress.

P: Is that so? How can we do that?

N: First, you need to know where it comes from.

P: If I know it comes from the exam, I shall revise it earlier.

N: That’s correct. Next, you should think about what you can control and work on that.

P: Like I should spend more hours to revise and finish all homework within the holiday.

N: You are right. But please don’t forget to have time to do something you like.

P: I like sports. I should not forget to play some sports when I study.

N: Exactly. One last thing. Try to learn from your mistakes since no one is perfect.

N + P: Thank you for listening to our sharing.
The Influence of Korean Culture


Yuen Man Keung (4B)

Au Ka Kiu, Kathy (4B)

K+MK: Good morning, Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. We are students from 4B.

K: Hey, Man Keung. Do you think the Korean culture has influenced the lives of Hong Kong people in many different ways in recent years?

MK: Yes, I think so. For example, Hong Kong people started to watch the Korean Dramas, such as Stairway to Heaven and Da Jang Geum, which are usually very touching and dramatic, some years ago. And cosmetic surgery, which is very common in Korea, has a huge impact on the beauty industry of Hong Kong. What’s more, Korean mobile phones, which have as many interesting functions as the i-phones, are extremely popular with Hong Kong people.

K: You’re right, Man Keung. Besides all these, do you know that the Korean pop music has helped to drive the Korean wave in Hong Kong a great deal as well?

MK: Are you talking about the Korean music like “Nobody” by the Wonder Girls and more recently the “Gangnam Style” by PSY?

K: You’re really smart, Man Keung. You know what, many Hong Kong people, both young and old, have imitated these people’s singing and dancing and performed in the busy shopping areas or private functions. And usually these performances are fabulous! By the way, do you know why the Korean pop music is so popular in the East-Asian region, including Hong Kong?

MK: Well, I guess it’s because these Korean pop stars and groups often feature young or distinctive performers, who usually know a few different languages and are well-liked by the impressionable Hong Kong people. Besides that, the music of the K-pop is usually very catchy, that is, easy to remember, and very suitable for group dancing. No wonder the K-pop usually forms dance crazes in Hong Kong. Sometimes, I want to imitate the dance as well!

K: What better answers can I get? I really want to see you dance then. How about doing that at the Christmas party? By the way, I hope that the entertainment industry of Hong Kong can do a good job too because I prefer something more local and unique to Hong Kong.

MK: Me too. Let’s look forward to our “Hong Kong Style”.

K+MK: Thank you and we hope you like our sharing.
The Proposed Man-made Beach at Lung Mei


Sunny (4A)

Charles (4A)

S+C: Good morning, principal, teacher and our schoolmates.

S: I am Sunny From F.4A.

C: I am Charles From F.4A.

S: Recently, there has been a heated debate on the proposed man-made beach at Lung Mei in Tai Po.

C: A coalition including various green groups, academics and local residents has called on the government to shelve the plan to construct the artificial beach at Lung Mei in Tolo Harbour.

S: They said that the sea there was full of abnormally high levels of heavy metals which would pose a health hazard to swimmers.

C: The coalition might seek a judicial review if the government doesn't shelve the scheme.

S: Some environmentalists have called on the government to build an "ecological swimming pool" instead.

C: They pointed out that creating a beach on the mud flats would be an ecological disaster for more than 200 marine species in the area.

S: They said the eco-pool, using aquatic plants instend of chemicals to filter the water, would be a better and cheaper alternative. It would also be better for people using the area.

C: Despite objections from conservationists, the government has decided to press ahead with its controversial plans. It insists that the ecological value of the site is relatively low.

S:The government has promised to relocate all marine life affected by the construction.

C:When the artificial beach is completed, it will include both shallow and deep waterswimming area.

S:The qualityof sea water in the area is also expected to improve dramatically once nearby village have a new sewage system.

C:It seems that the tug-of-war between the government and the green groups would drag on.

S:As a keen swimmer, I welcome a new beach in Tai Po,even though itis a man-made one.

C:As an active member of a green group, I demand the marine life not being affected.We really hope that all stakeholders could reach a consensus on the issue.

S+C:Thank you for listening to our sharing.
Oppa Gangnam Style


Wong Man Shun, Mansion (4S)

Yuen On Ching, Chloe (4S)

M: Good morning, fellow schoolmates. I am Mansion from class 4S.

C: I am Chloe from class 4S.

M: Chloe, have you ever heard a song “Oppa Gangnam Style” before?

C: Of course, this song gains a great popularity from all over the world. Many people are dancing that unique ‘horse-riding’ dance. This song has broken the new record of K-pop. The MV of “Gangnam Style” is placed at the first page on Youtube for a long period of time. There were nearly six-hundred million viewings of the MV on Youtube.

M: Apart from being the most favourite video on Youtube, this funny song jumped from ninty-eighth to eleventh in Billboard Hot 100. After the week, “Gangnam Style” rose to the second place which is a surprising result for Korean. PSY becomes an international star with this song.

C: Mansion, do you know? Recently, the United Nations invited PSY to perform “United Nations Style” that aims to make the countries be able to cope with the international issues together, hoping the relationship of different countries can be linked through this famous song.

M: That’s an interesting idea. PSY is the first East Asian Singer who becomes the champion in UK top 40. In an experiment from some scientists, the rhythm design of the song is very clever as it can make the listeners move excitingly. Therefore, this song is so popular that many people pretended to be him, such as “Hong Kong Style” by some famous Hong Kong artists. A surprising effect of this song is that it is good for those who are mentally ill. They may feel more comfortable after listening to the song. See, how effective this song is.

C: This song is really good as I am also addicted in listening to it many times. I even let it loop on my computer’s playlist every day. Congratulate this international hip-hop singer. I think he will get a lot of prizes this year. I will listen to this song again today after school.

C&M: Thank you.



Yo Yo (5E)

Jackie (5E)

Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. We are representatives of F.5E. I am Yo Yo and I am Jackie.

X: Jackie, today is Halloween. How’re you going to celebrate it?

Y: I have bought tickets for Ocean Park Halloween Bash. How about


X: I haven’t decided it yet. Mum said that I am too young to go to Lan

Kwai Fong to experience the Halloween celebrations there. Any


Y: Go trick o’ treating or watch a horror movie.

X: Watching a horror movie sounds better. At least Halloween and scary

movies go perfectly well at this festival.

Y: Here are a few creepy movies for you to watch tonight.

X: What are they?

Y: Final Destination 5, The Ring and The Others.

X: I have watched Final Destination 1 before. It is one of the funniest

scary movies I’ve seen. The unrealistic ways people die makes the

audience laugh. I really want a thrill.

Y: Then you shouldn’t miss The Others. I think this is the scariest movie

ever made. It’s a blend of ominous music, creepy characters and

suffocating suspense. The scariest part is the awful realisation of the

house and the intruders that the main characters have come to at the end

of the movie. It’s guaranteed to give you an endless sleepless night.

X: How about The Ring?

Y: This film is about a young journalist who investigates a mysterious

videotape which seems to cause the death of anyone in a week of viewing

it. Viewers receive a phone call in which they are warned about their

death. It is so scary that its level of creepiness surpasses death. You dare

not answer any phone calls after watching this film.

X: Really! I’ll consider your recommendations. Hope that both of us can

enjoy ourselves tonight.

That’s the end of our sharing. Thank you.
Enough Sleep


Jathy Lee (6E)

Rainbow Ng (6E)

J: Good morning! This is Rainbow and I’m Jathy from F6E. Rainbow, you don’t look fine. Did you have enough sleep last night?

R: Of course not, look at my dark circles. How awful they are. I sleep only five to six hours a day. It’s enough, isn’t it?

J: No! Sleep is actually as important as nutrition and exercise to our lives. Sleeping helps our bodies recover and prepares us for the day ahead.

R: Ar I see. I have also heard that if we can’t get enough sleep, dark circles under our eyes may follow us. We’ll feel tired easily as well.

J: Moreover, lack of sleep can also lead to emotional problems as well as trouble concentrating and low productivity.

R: By the way, how long should teenagers sleep per night?

J: 9 hours!

R: Can I sleep more on the weekends to fully repay my sleep debt as I am really busy on the weekdays. Lessons, assignments, remedial classes, tutorial classes. Huh… just hope if I had 28 hours per day.

J: Sorry, Rainbow. Sleeping is not a debt. Apart from this, you have to ensure a good night’s sleep. Here are some tips:

1. Make sure you are sleeping in a quiet and dark room, with a suitable room temperature and ventilation.

R: 2. Develop a relaxing bedtime routine. You can listen to soft music, read a light book or treat yourself a glass of warm milk.

B: My schoolmates, do you have a good sleeping habit? That’s all of our sharing. Thank you!
Tutorial Class


Chui Yik Sze, Sue (5D)

Hui Yu Ting, Cat (5D)

S+C: Good morning, everyone.

C: I am Cat from F.5D.

S: I am Sue from F.5D.

C: Sue, do you attend tutorial classes?

S: Yes, I do.

C: Why do you need a tutor?

S: Because I want to practise answering mock examination questions. How about you?

C: No, I don’t. I don’t have enough time to do homework after school. Therefore, I really can’t find extra time. Also, in my opinion, tutors cannot help students develop critical and independent thinking. All they do is give out model answers without explaining how to come up with those answers. Another problem is the tuition fees are too high. I don’t see why students should attend tutorial classes.

S: I don’t agree with you, Cat. In school, the class size is too big. It is hard for teachers to monitor each student’s performance. Also, in tutorial schools, the tutors teach us more examination skills. These skills and study tips are important too. Parents want to use every method to make sure their children get achieve academic success.

C: Anyway, this is a debatable issue. We should consider our own needs before enrolling in a tutorial class.

S+C: That’s all for our sharing. Thank you for your attention.


So Ka Yan (6D)

Wong Pui Sheung (6D)

S & W: Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. We are representatives of F.6D.

S: Today we are going to share with you an article we read from Young Post. It is about a group of secondary school students telling the readers the kinds of phobia they would coin.

W: What is a phobia? It is a strong feeling of disliking or being afraid of someone or something.

S: What do people fear most? The top five are fear of spiders, snakes, heights, situations in which escape is difficult and dogs.

W: How about those students who were interviewed? Do they have the same fear as most people? Let’s find it out.

S: The first one is wait-for-toilet phobia. I’m sure all girls have this experience. They often need to face endless queues, lining up for few available stalls in shopping malls or in public toilets. What can girls do when they need to answer nature’s call? Just wait - grin and bear it.

W: The second one is last-minute-before-school phobia. It happens when you know that the bell will ring in a minute. Your heart starts pounding and you keep sweating as you run for the door or gate.

S: The third one is no-Internet-access phobia. This phobia is common among teens with smartphones and tablets. If they find themselves in a place without Internet access, they start groaning, then pouting, dozing off and even daydreaming.

W: The last one is no-coins-but-only-notes-in-wallet phobia. Have you ever experienced this: realize that you haven’t got your Octopus card when you’re on a bus. Then you discover you don’t have any or enough coins but only notes in your wallet. You need to get change from other passengers so that you can pay the fare. It’s so embarrassing!

S: Do these kinds of phobia sound familiar among all of you? That’s the end of our sharing.
Hong Kong Kids


Eunice (6C)

Cheryl (6C)

E: Good morning everyone! We are from form 6C! I am Eunice!

C: I am Cheryl.

E: Hey Cheryl! Have you heard of the term called ‘Hong Kong kids’?

C: Yes, ‘Hong Kong Kids” refer to children who cannot take care of themselves. They do not have a high emotional quotient. This phenomenon exists not only in Hong Kong, but also in other developed countries.

E: You are right. Recently, it was reported that a secondary one student did not know how to wash his hair or tie his shoelaces. Worse still, he did not go to the toilet in school asl he had not learnt how to clean himself up before that.

C: One of the causes of the problem is many parents do not correct their children's wrong behaviour at once. They also fail to set an example to their children, resulting in a decline in children’s moral standards.

E: Another reason is today’s education system just focuses on students’ academic results. Worried about their children's future, parents arrange everything for them since they are small.

C: Specialists point that one of the consequences of the problem is children may not know how to take care of themselves. They may also lack self-confidence even after they graduate because they fail to complete simple tasks easily. Therefore, they may be unwilling to socialize and may suffer from social anxiety disorder.

E: There is something parents can do to prevent this problem. Parents should avoid helping their children all the time, especially when it comes to simple tasks like putting on clothes and tying shoelaces.

C: My fellow schoolmates, you should learn to take care of yourself, don’t be a ‘Hong Kong Kid’. That is the end of our sharing. Thank you for your attention.
Maritime Accident


Lee Ka Ping, Adrian (5C)

Tse Wing, Wing (5C)

Adrian: Good morning, Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. We are students from F.5C.

Wing: Adrian, why do you feel so sad?

Adrian: I feel sad because of the tragedy that happened last week.

Wing: Do you mean the accident which took place near Lamma Island last Monday night? I feel sad too.

Adrian: Yes, it is Hong Kong's worst maritime accident in these 40 years. A high-speed ferry, the Sea Smooth, collided with a pleasure craft, the Lamma IV. The craft carried about 120 passengers on a trip to watch National Day fireworks.

Wing: Unfortunately, the celebration turned out to be a tragedy.

Adrian: True. And last Thursday, flags flew at half-mast around Hong Kong at the start of three days of mourning for the 38 victims in this accident.

Wing: Besides showing our sympathy for the victims, what else can we do?

Adrian: I think we should love our family and friends. Life is unpredictable and we cannot predict what is going to happen in the future, so we should always show our love for our family and friends.

Wing: Yes, I must tell my parents how much I love them.

Adrian: Also, we should always make good use of our time and do some meaningful things such as working hard at school and donating money to charities.

Wing: So, let’s go and study together.

Adrian: Great, let’s go! This is the end of our sharing today, thank you.
Taylor Swift


Diu Kai Chun, Johnny (6A)

Leung Yin Shun, Cico (6A)

B: Hi Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. This is Johnny and Cico from 6AB. Good morning!

C: ‘Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone, I'll be waiting, all there's left to do is run, you'll be the prince and I'll be the princess. It's a love story, baby, just say yes.’

J: Umm… Cico, this is not your singing performance. It is the morning talk. Why were you singing?

C: Ooop, sorry, I just think singing can relieve my pressure. By the way, have you ever listened to a song which talks about Juliet and Romeo?

J: Do you mean the one sung by a pretty singer which is called ‘Love Story’?

C: Right! Today, we would like to talk about this singer, Taylor Swift.

J: Taylor Swift is an all-round country singer.

C: ‘all-round’? What does it mean?

J: It means she has different talents, she can play the guitar, compose her own music and write her own lyrics.

C: Wow! By the way, don’t think she is not good-looking. In fact, she is a talent who is gorgeous and stylish.

J: When did she start to play music?

C: When she was ten, a computer repairman taught her. Ever since then, she has practised a lot.

J: Another reason people love her is about her lyrics.

C: Yup! Some said that listening to her song is like reading her diary since her lyrics are from her own life.

C: And you said she plays country music?

J: Right, in the past, young people saw country music as old fashioned. After listening to Swift’s albums, they begin to love it. Some are even obsessed with country music.

C: Well, my schoolmates, try to listen to her songs. How? Just go to Youtube, type ‘Taylor Swift’, click the button and you will get a lot of her clips. What? Don’t know how to spell ‘Taylor Swift’? Then just type ‘Love Story’ and you will be there. Enjoy her country music!

B: That’s the end of our sharing. Thank you!
A Greener Festival


Lau Ching Yi, Lucy (5A),

Ma Ka Ching, Zoe (5B)

Lucy & Zoe:Good morning, Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates. We are representatives of Form 5AB English class.

Lucy:Hi, Zoe. The Mid-Autumn Festival holiday is just over. How did you celebrate this traditional Chinese festival?

Zoe: Like most of the Hong Kong people,I had a big dinner with my family members. Besides that, I celebrated the festival in a very eco-friendly way.

Lucy: Eco-friendly? Are you talking about environmental protection?

Zoe: Yes, you are right. The fact is, I read about some tips for a greener festival from the Green Power, a local environmental group, before and I tried to adopt some of the tips with my family.

Lucy: Oh really. Could you share with me some of the things you and your family have done?

Zoe: Sure! For me, I reused the plastic lanterns we bought last year for decorating our home and I helped my mum to take the mooncake boxes for recycling in our estate. As for my family, we did not buy too much festival food and we shared the boxes of mooncakes we received from our relatives with our neighbours. In other words, we tried to reduce festival waste as far as possible.

Lucy: I really appreciate what you and your family have done. I also have a tip too. I went to have a BBQ with my family and we brought our own cutlery instead of using paper or plastic cups and plates. This will help reduce the burden on landfill sites.

Zoe: I agree absolutely. I think these good practices on reducing festival waste should be widely promoted in Hong Kong so as to protect the environment more effectively. Concerted efforts can surely make a difference!

Lucy & Zoe: Dear YY2 schoolmates, for the sake of the environment and our future life, let’s take action now to protect our environment! Thank you.


Sun Wing Chi, Rachel (5B)

Tsang Mei Kwan, Mini (5B)

R&M: Good Morning YY2 teachers and students. We are students from 5B.

R: I’m Rachel.

M: I’m Mini.

R: Mini, what have you done during your summer holiday?

M: I mainly stayed at home.

R: Why? You usually can’t stay at home for more than 1 minute! What made you stay at home then?

M: The London Olympic Games 2012! I really enjoyed the matches a lot! You know, I am such a sport-fan! I like all kinds of sports, such as cycling, volleyball, football, swimming…

R: Ok, ok. I know you like sports a lot. Can you tell us which part of the Games you like most?

M: Of course! I like all the moments that our Hong Kong athletes trying their very best on the competition venues.

R: Yes, you are right! I felt extremely touching when our Hong Kong female cyclist – Lee Wai See, Sarah got the bronze medal in women’s keirin! She’s Hong Kong’s first medal owner in cycling too!

M: I am sure that most Hong Kong people felt the same as you. I also like cycling. I really hope the Hong Kong Government will invest more in this kind of healthy and environmentally friendly sport.

R: I guess it will at least build more cycling tracks! However, we also need to raise our awareness on the safety of this sport. I could always see accidents on the road that involve bikes.

M: Definitely. I often find people cycling on the road without any safety equipment like helmet and gloves to protect themselves.

R: Therefore, safety should be one of the considerations before doing sports.

M: Agree! Rachel, would you like to go cycling with me this Friday?

R: Why not? Let’s meet in the morning at Tai Po Waterfront Park with our bikes and safety equipment then.

R&M: Thank you.

Right attitude of choosing mobile phones


Koo Chung Man, Johnny (5A)          Hung Fan Chau, Paul (5A)

Johnny: Hey Paul, what are you reading?

Paul: I’m reading the news about the launch of the new iPhone 5! It’s so attractive.

Johnny: Hang on, I know that iPhone 5 is very expensive. It’s about… $5000! Don’t tell me that you’re going to buy it! You’ve just got a new Samsung mobile!

Paul: You know… I’d always like to buy the latest Apple products. I have to follow the trend or I’ll feel bad when I see my friends owning one!

Johnny: This is not a correct attitude. It is impossible for you to buy every single smart phone product. A new version of smart phone is launched every 3 months. How could you have so much money to buy all these products?

Paul: Um… But have you ever thought of buying and reselling the phones? Many people in Hong Kong order the phones on the web and resell them to Sin Tat Plaza in Mongkok. It seems to be a way of making quick money.

Johnny: Don’t ever think of that idea, Paul! This can be very dangerous. This is more or less like gambling. You will never know whether you can win or lose in this game.

Paul: Gambling? Don’t be that serious. Last year people earned over a thousand dollars by reselling the iPhones.

Johnny: Things are not as simple as you see. According to a survey, people’s demand for iPhone is decreasing. Moreover, the fact that Hong Kong would be among the first places to get the new iPhone had hurt the grey-market versions.

Paul: That’s true. In fact, the lack of surprise in the new iPhone also hurts the demand. Perhaps people’s love affair with iPhone is nearly over.

Johnny: Right. Besides, as a student, it is not necessary to own an iPhone. We can buy a cheaper mobile for making calls only.

Paul: Okay, Johnny, I get what you mean. I should focus on my study, but not the latest brand name products.

Johnny: That’s the right attitude. We should go back to have lessons now.

P & J: Thank you!

Qualities of successful students

Good morning Principal, teachers and fellow schoolmates,

We are representatives of F.6A. Today we are going to talk about the qualities of successful students. In order to be successful, we have to achieve 6As. We have to be able, active, accountable, adaptable, aspiring and all-round.

First A: Able

Being a successful student, we ought to be able to tackle every problem in life. In order to be able to do so, we have to try our best to learn all there is to learn. If we stop learning, we stop improving ourselves and we aren’t able to deal with everyday problems.

Second A: Active

In order to become able, we must be active in learning and playing. We have to show an optimistic attitude when dealing with everything. Try to learn actively. Ask our teachers questions when you don’t understand. Don’t just listen passively.

Third A: Accountable

A successful person will take the full responsibility for what he or she has done. Similarly a student must be accountable for his or her own actions. In other words, we must be responsible for the effects of our actions and willing to explain or be criticized for them.

Fourth A: Adaptable

Being a successful student, we should be aware of the rapid changing environment and equip ourselves with up-to-date knowledge.

Fifth A: Aspiring

We must have an aim in life. We must aim high. We must search for excellence. If we strive towards our aim with all our strength, we will gradually improve our abilities. Then we will succeed in the end.

Six A: All-round

In order to be successful, we must try our best to be an all-round person. That means we have to be good at doing many things. This is not easy. Many schoolmates tend to study only but not to play; some others play all the time without studying anything. If possible, we should try to learn music, communication skills and some sports as well. Only a talented all-round person can stand a better chance of overcoming challenges in this century.

To sum up we hope we can all become able, active, accountable, adaptable, aspiring and all-round.

That’s what we want to say. Thank you

Eugenia Chapman

Cheng Cheuk Yi, Cherry



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