Four of our wonderful S.6 students took part in an RTHK English radio broadcast.
6E Iris Cheng Sau Wun
6S Judy Leung Kwun Hei
6S Jacky Wong Si Ham
6S Jason Yip Tsz Chun
Teacher-in-charge : Miss Sung
Topic summary:
Since we are all S.6 students in a time of great uncertainty due to the pandemic, we have more stresses than normal in our HKDSE life. We are always aware that we have had limited face-to-face lessons which may abruptly end at any time. We have worries for our mental health. To combat this, we try to ensure our individual ways to relax: playing the piano to have a tranquil atmosphere, watching anime and reading novels so that we can dive into wonderful imaginary worlds or building Gundam models. We do these activities to take our minds off our upcoming exams…even for just a little while.
Many thanks to the RTHK DJ, Alyson Hau, who not only hosted the show but also gifted the students with USBs.
Check out the broadcast on the link below:

你是 2021年03月16日 起,第 位訪客。

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