The Winners of English Week's Act.

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The annual English Week was successfully held between 30/4 and 4/5. All of us enjoyed doing numbers of activities organized by the English Department. Below are the results of some of the competitions:
My Favourite Essay Election
Students enjoying themselves at the Game Booths
Our young English Ambassadors holding an activity
The following students' work was chosen to be my favourite essay:
1B   Ng Wing Lam, Kitty
2E   Freeman Ng
3D   So Po Yu
4C   Tse Wing
5C   Lee Pui Shan, Eunice
1B   Ma Chak Tin, Martin
2B   Kwong Yam Ki
3E   Zoe Ng
4D   Tam Ho Hin
5E   Sharon Wat
Missing Lyrics
2E  Choy Wing Yin
3A  Lee Wai Kwan
4E  Wong Yuen Ching
5E  Leung Pui Yee
Form 2 Penmanship
Winner 2E Tang Ho Hin
First runner-up 2D Yuen Yingyue
Second runner-up 2C Cheng Wai Sum
Consolation Prizes:
2A  Ho Chi Ho
2B  Lui Pui Ying
2B  Chan Ho Yeung, Xirus
Form 4 Comic Strip Writing Competition
Winner 4ATang Tsz Sang
First runner-up 4A Lau Ching Yi
Second runner-up (1) 4D So Yuen Ting
Second runner-up (1) 4E Lee Wing Yan, Wendy
Consolation prizes:
4A  Yip Chui Ling, Nina
4B  Li Tai Wai, David
4A  Tang Oi Tai
4C  Lee Ka Ping
4D  Hui Yu Ting
4E  Lai Ka Yan
- Congratulations to all the winners! -


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